Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What On My Nails Wednesday #1 Models Own Utopia and YrNails Elephant Decal

I have to apologise to you guys - this post is totally rushed. I had Monday off work, so today is my Tuesday, and I refreshed my Bloglovin' feed to find Paige's first #whatsonmynailswednesday post and thought eeeeek.

The lovely Paige had a brilliant idea during a Twitter #bblogger chat to start her own series called Whats on your nails Wednesday, and as I'm well into nails at the moment, and I want to improve my cuticle condition, taking a photo of my paws each week will really give me the motivation to sort them out! 

You can find everyone who is getting involved on twitter by using the hashtag #whatsonmynailswednesday. I'm excited to see what everyone else is using.

Paige - I'll be much better prepared and do a much better post next week, I PINKY promise.
So here's my post! 

Yes, the picture was taken while I'm sat at my desk at work! Haha.

This week, I'm wearing the much loved Models Own polish in Utopia. I adore this shade - it'a a nude / pastel lilac colour, which even on my pale skin tone looks gorgeous. I'm addicted to it. I normally wear it under a glitter shade, my favourite being the Models Own Ibiza Mix. But this week I've decided to go it alone, with just an accent nail on my ring finger. I find I can wear it for days with minimal wear and hardly any chips - the picture above was taken today, but I painted my nails on Sunday!

I did an order last week from and got a few different decal designs and a white polish (review to come). I was a bit skeptical about these. I loved the design, but one of my pet hates is when nail decorations stick up and catch on clothing, and I didn't think these would stick down flush to the nail. I was wrong! 

You get each design on a sheet and cut the design you want to size to fit your nail. Then you dunk the design in water for 10-15 seconds (I did this with tweezers). After this time, you take the sticker out, and remove the backing to reveal the design - I found that it was easy by rubbing it between your fingers. The design comes on a see through background, so the polish colour you have on will come through the design. You put it in place, and have plenty of time to move it if you need to, and set it with clear polish. Once your clear polish has dried, you cant even tell you have stuck it on - my friends thought I had stamped it on until they could see the intricate design on the elephant. 

I am so impressed with these - and I think the elephant design in particular goes really nicely with Utopia.

I'm going to have a play with some of the other designs I bought, and what polish combos to do. I think you'll be seeing a lot of these on the blog! 

I got alot of the decals for 50p in the sale! 

Thanks for reading. 

Sorry again for the lack of preparation, Paige! I will be prepared for next week! 

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  1. I love the decal and thanks for sharing the website you got them from - I've not come across that before and it looks great (and a plus being in the UK unlike Born Pretty - long wait for deliveries!) Xx


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