Monday, March 31, 2014

Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple

             Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple Review

I know this is raved about across the blogosphere, but I have to to my bit in singing its praise. 

As always, when this was released last year, I was totally drawn in by the advertising, and was sure that if I wore this, I'd look like Emma Stone. Sadly this didn't happen, but I finally found a wearable red for my pale complexion!

To be honest, this is the only one out of the range I've been drawn too, I regularly swatch other shades on the back of my hand when I'm near a Revlon counter, but non of them seem as smooth, buttery or pigmented as this particular shade.

It really is a true red - the brightest red I think I'll ever wear, but it's so easy to apply that I do wear it on a regular basis. 

The formula is buttery, much more like a balm than a lipstick. It is really nourishing, and feels like a dream to have on. It has a gorgeous sheen to it too, almost like its a balm/lipstick/gloss hybrid. If your someone who steers away from normal lipsticks because their application is too demanding, then you should definitely go for this. I'd happily apply this without a mirror - I'd have no danger of going over my lip line or doing any drastic damage. 

The colour sticks around too. The glossy effect does stay for a really long time, but even when this wears, I find my lips are stained for the rest of the day! 

I tend to wear this sheered out during the day, and if I want a bolder look built it up for a brighter finish.

Its totally versatile. 

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Candy Apple Swatch     

Seriously, I can't rave about Revlon's lip products enough. I wish I'd like some more shades in this range. 

What shades would you recommend?

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