Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have you discovered? Skincare

The lovely Becka over at Beckas Beauty blog has started a beauty series that I had to get involved in. As a blogger, I'm always looking for a new product to try and I don't always want to rely on the same brands I always reach for, so the have you discovered series seems perfect for sharing new and unsung beauty heros! 

I'll be posting, along with everyone else involved in the series every Sunday at 7pm. You can follow me on Bloglovin so you never miss a post, or on Twitter (@Emma_J_Hayward) and use the hashtag haveyoudiscovered to find the posts!

Now for my first post of the series... 

Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish. 

This weeks theme is skincare. I've gone for a type of product I've only recently started using which seems abit different to anything else I have in my stash - a facial polish. 

I got this in the B-Right Benefit Skincare Starter kit (Full review to come soon) and I tossed it to one side without really giving it a second thought. It was only when I ran out of my regular face scrub that I reached for this, only to realise that it is quite different from a regular face scrub. 

This facial polish has tiny, tiny little beads in it which very gently exfoliate the face. The overall effects of this were completely different from using your run of the mill face scrub - don't get me wrong, I love a good scrub when my face is feeling congested, but this not only removes dead skin, but brings healthy skin to life. Skin looks brighter, plumper with a natural radiance. 

This gentler version of a scrub has taken prime spot in my Sunday pamper - because it isn't abrasive, and I don't feel I have to shove loads of cream on afterwards. 

Have you tried any facial polishes? 
Which ones would you recommend? 

See you this time next week for another Have you discovered post! 

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