Monday, March 3, 2014

Black & Gold! Simple Nail Art

I'm all about nails at the moment. Nails can do so much for an outfit, they can be your main accessory, or a way of tying all the details together. 

I, myself like fancy nails pure and simply because they make me feel good about myself. If I've got a chipped manicure, I can't wait to get home to sort them out. I feel cleaner, more confident and girly with nails - I'm sure there's some weird psychological meaning behind that, but for now, lets just say they make me feel pretty!

This said, nail art is something that takes patience which I certainly don't have. I normally just shove one coat of something on and have plain nails, which on a day to day basis is fine, but with a massive and every growing stash of nail polish and not enough fingers to use them all on, I've decided to start playing with my nails more. Designs have to last for me too, I don't want to spend an hour doing my nails for me to take it off in 2 days!

This look was super easy to do, I'm in love with studded nail designs that I see floating over Twitter and Instagram and black and gold goes with nearly everything I wear at the moment!

What you'll need: 

Black Polish - I went for Leighton Denny in Maneater
Gold Polish - I went for Avon's Metallic Gold Rush
Clear Polish - ELF's Clear Topcoat
Circle Studs & Gold Balls - Both of these from the Primark Nail Stud Wheel (£1!!)
Cuticle pusher
Nail File

How to : 

Step 1. I always start off with clean, square nails - I like to file my nails short and square as I find my polish lasts longer than when I've got longer nails. I wanted to make sure this design lasted as long as possible! I also push back my cuticles.

Step 2.  Paint all your nails apart from your accent nail black. Any nail for the accent nail will do, I like doing this on my ring finger. The polish I used only needed one coat to give  a perfect black colour. Then paint your accent nail gold.

Step 3. When this layer has dried, I painted diagonally across my accent nail with the black polish. I did this free hand, but if you don't have a steady hand, you can always use some sellotape or masking tape to make a clear cut line - just wait for the polish to completely dry before you remove to stop the colour from smudging! 

Step 4 . When all your polish is dry, get ready to add studs. I added a stud at the cuticle of each of my black nails, but this is the part where you can go crazy! The easiest way to apply is to add a blob of clear polish where you want your stud to go, and pick up the stud of choice using the pointy end of your cuticle pusher. I dip the cuticle pusher in a bit of clear polish, just to make the end tacky enough to pick up the stud. Place where you want and push down into the blob of clear polish. Do the same with the gold balls for your accent nails.

Step 5 . Seal everything in with some clear nail polish and leave to dry! I probably did 2 coats of clear polish to make sure the studs wouldn't budge. 

After a day or two, I lost a couple of the balls, but it didn't pull any polish off with it, so I just added some new ones and they looked as good as new! 

I love how simple, easy and fancy adding studs to your nails is. I cant beleive i picked thee up for £1 in Primark! Im really impressed with their nail range at the moment - in fact ive got some cute kitty nails on at the moment from there - again priced at £1. You can see a review on the Primark False Nails here

Thanks for reading :) 

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