Monday, March 31, 2014

Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple

             Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple Review

I know this is raved about across the blogosphere, but I have to to my bit in singing its praise. 

As always, when this was released last year, I was totally drawn in by the advertising, and was sure that if I wore this, I'd look like Emma Stone. Sadly this didn't happen, but I finally found a wearable red for my pale complexion!

To be honest, this is the only one out of the range I've been drawn too, I regularly swatch other shades on the back of my hand when I'm near a Revlon counter, but non of them seem as smooth, buttery or pigmented as this particular shade.

It really is a true red - the brightest red I think I'll ever wear, but it's so easy to apply that I do wear it on a regular basis. 

The formula is buttery, much more like a balm than a lipstick. It is really nourishing, and feels like a dream to have on. It has a gorgeous sheen to it too, almost like its a balm/lipstick/gloss hybrid. If your someone who steers away from normal lipsticks because their application is too demanding, then you should definitely go for this. I'd happily apply this without a mirror - I'd have no danger of going over my lip line or doing any drastic damage. 

The colour sticks around too. The glossy effect does stay for a really long time, but even when this wears, I find my lips are stained for the rest of the day! 

I tend to wear this sheered out during the day, and if I want a bolder look built it up for a brighter finish.

Its totally versatile. 

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Candy Apple Swatch     

Seriously, I can't rave about Revlon's lip products enough. I wish I'd like some more shades in this range. 

What shades would you recommend?

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oooops...ANOTHER Boots Haul

So yeah... This happened again. And I still don't think I'm done yet either! 

To be completely fair, it was my Birthday last week, and the lovely ladies at work got me some Boots vouchers, so overall I only paid about £10 towards this haul, which I think is pretty darn impressive!

There's a pretty good sale on at Boots too at the moment, so I'd recommend you head there if your after a few bits!

Here what I got

Firstly, I picked up the Soap and Glory Off Your Face Wipes for £3 - (Normally £4.50) I haven't used face wipes in ages, but I am sooo tired at the moment that if I've been out with friends, I just fall into bed without taking my makeup off, so having these to hand is good. I know I'm just enabling my laziness with these, but I will promise not to use them more than once a week!

After reading someone's review, I decided to pick up Soap and Glory's Feel Good Factor Translucent BB cream. I tried it out in the shop, and I thought it would be a good, lighter moisturizer to use now the weather is picking up. I got this for £8 (Normally £12)

Can you tell yet that I've recently fallen in love with Soap and Glory Skincare? My last bit of Soap and Glory was the Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-boost Hydragel. My eyes are soo dark and puffy at the moment, I really need to get a good nights sleep, 'til then, this will do! (£8.33 reduced from £12.50)

I had spent alot of the morning before I went to Boots looking at some old product recommendations, and Vivianna Does Makeup  raved about the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproop Kohl Liners in two particulate colours - nude and taupe. She said the nude is a brilliant, natural alternative to white, as it illuminates and brightens the eyes whilst looking natural, and the taupe is a brilliant colour to enhance the eyes without being too dark. So obviously, I had to have them. So far, so good. I will have a full review soon. I got these for £3.99.

I also picked up the CC Cream version of the foundation I'm loving, the Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream. I like the idea of wearing less makeup in the summer months, but sometimes, with red blotchy skin, that isn't going to happen. I'm not really a fan of tinted moisturisers, so I thought I'd give this a go! This was £9.99.

My skin has gone abit crazy recently, with the weather changing all the time, it doesn't know what to do. Its dry in places, but super oily in others, especially on my T-Zone, and at the moment my primer just isn't up to the task. I thought id pick up a primer specifically for this reason, so picked up the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer for £5.99. Hopefully this will make a difference. 

Lastly I picked up the Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer after hearing that it was comparable to the YSL Touche Eclat. I'm desperate to hide my peepers. My first impressions of this aren't amazing, but I'll see how it goes. £3.99 (was £4.99)

When I was at the til on this little trip, the cashier told me that I had £10 Boots points to spend. What would you recommend I buy?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What On My Nails Wednesday #1 Models Own Utopia and YrNails Elephant Decal

I have to apologise to you guys - this post is totally rushed. I had Monday off work, so today is my Tuesday, and I refreshed my Bloglovin' feed to find Paige's first #whatsonmynailswednesday post and thought eeeeek.

The lovely Paige had a brilliant idea during a Twitter #bblogger chat to start her own series called Whats on your nails Wednesday, and as I'm well into nails at the moment, and I want to improve my cuticle condition, taking a photo of my paws each week will really give me the motivation to sort them out! 

You can find everyone who is getting involved on twitter by using the hashtag #whatsonmynailswednesday. I'm excited to see what everyone else is using.

Paige - I'll be much better prepared and do a much better post next week, I PINKY promise.
So here's my post! 

Yes, the picture was taken while I'm sat at my desk at work! Haha.

This week, I'm wearing the much loved Models Own polish in Utopia. I adore this shade - it'a a nude / pastel lilac colour, which even on my pale skin tone looks gorgeous. I'm addicted to it. I normally wear it under a glitter shade, my favourite being the Models Own Ibiza Mix. But this week I've decided to go it alone, with just an accent nail on my ring finger. I find I can wear it for days with minimal wear and hardly any chips - the picture above was taken today, but I painted my nails on Sunday!

I did an order last week from and got a few different decal designs and a white polish (review to come). I was a bit skeptical about these. I loved the design, but one of my pet hates is when nail decorations stick up and catch on clothing, and I didn't think these would stick down flush to the nail. I was wrong! 

You get each design on a sheet and cut the design you want to size to fit your nail. Then you dunk the design in water for 10-15 seconds (I did this with tweezers). After this time, you take the sticker out, and remove the backing to reveal the design - I found that it was easy by rubbing it between your fingers. The design comes on a see through background, so the polish colour you have on will come through the design. You put it in place, and have plenty of time to move it if you need to, and set it with clear polish. Once your clear polish has dried, you cant even tell you have stuck it on - my friends thought I had stamped it on until they could see the intricate design on the elephant. 

I am so impressed with these - and I think the elephant design in particular goes really nicely with Utopia.

I'm going to have a play with some of the other designs I bought, and what polish combos to do. I think you'll be seeing a lot of these on the blog! 

I got alot of the decals for 50p in the sale! 

Thanks for reading. 

Sorry again for the lack of preparation, Paige! I will be prepared for next week! 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No7 Pop & Glow


I picked this up in my Boots Haul (here) as soon as it hit the shelf in my local store. I'd heard a lot about it pre-release and was super excited to give it a go. It comes in three shades, a bright pink, a rose pink and a coral - Mango Sorbet which is what I opted for. 

I decided on getting this colour as I don't have anything like it in my collection - I have shades similar in cream blushes from other brands, but I also want to give my makeup a switch up this time of year. 

I love the fact that it's a stick - it makes it super easy to apply, you just swipe it on your face, blend and go. No needs for brushes or anything makes it travel friendly too. 


I just love the flush of colour that this gives my cheeks - it's really build-able, but can look nice as just a sheer flush to the skin. I find that it's a cream to powder finish, and while it leaves a nice glow to the skin, I find it quite matte - which I think is good. The finish reminds me a lot of the the  Bourjois cream blushes if you've tried these. 

I haven't found that the staying power is amazing. It is good, but I find that the colour has almost completely faded by the end of the day - but I'm saying its good because I'm taking into account at I'm a face rubber.

Overall, I love it. I'm considering popping back to try their highlighter stick that's part of his range - we'll see!

Have you tried this? 

What do you think? 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

#Haveyoudiscovered? Primer

This is my second post in the have you discovered series, and this weeks topic is primer. My current face primer is Benefits Porefessional, which you can see my review of here, so I decided to talk about a different product today, because I haven't seen much about it and I've only just started using it! 

The product I've chosen is the Benefit Stay don't Stray eye primer. Before I tried this, I knew I was going to love it, pure and simply because it's multipurpose. You can use it for priming your eyelids, but also for your under eye concealer. #WINNING

I have serious eye baggage at the moment, and because I've barely been sleeping there's. A lot of eye rubbing going on too, so snything that keeps my peepers looking more awake for longer is a must have in my book. 

I was lucky enough to get this diddy sample of stay don't stray in this months Brichbox, and it didn't take take me long before I was testing it out. I initially tired it as a primer under my eye shadow, and it worked an absolute treat. I don't think it intensified the colour too much, but I did find that the colour completely stayed put, with absolutely no creasing - and for me that's a rarity. 

As an under eye primer, it worked brilliantly too. I was amazed at how much of a difference it made actually. It gives a slight bit of coverage and ensures that the concealer doesn't settle into any fine lines and lasts the whole day - even after a good eye rubbing session. 

I think I'll be buying the full size one when I run out of this!

Have you tried this? 
What did you think?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

At home ombre - L'Oreal Feria Extreme Blonde

L'Oreal Feria Extreme Blonde Ombre - £5.99
I've been box dying my hair for years now, and when I was 18 I decided I was sick of people assuming I was stupid because I had blonde hair and decided to go brunette. Although I've enjoyed being darker for a fair few years now, product build up is stopping me from doing much with it, and purse strings are stopping me from going to see a professional. 

I've been a fan of the ombre trend since it first started so was thrilled when L'Oreal released their Wilde Ombre kits just over a year ago. The first time around, I had a dip dye using the Wild Ombre kit for a really long time. After a while, I got fed up with how tatty my ends looked, so I went for the cop and an all over colour. That kept me happy for a total of about... 3 months! 

I headed back to Boots to see what I could do to change my style abit. That's when I saw the L'Oreal Feria Extreme Blond Ombre.

Let me tell you about about my hair...

It's quite dark now after a lot of colour build up, and I have alot of red undertones in it due to the types of dyes I've used in the past, so I knew I wasn't going to get a crisp blonde from the box, but I did expect a difference in the colour from the Wild Ombre kit from this one, because it claimed to be 'Extreme'. My result from the Wild Ombre kit was a copper / ginger colour, which I really liked, so was hoping for a lighter blond hue this time around. 

I was abit gutted, because the result was exactly the same as when I used the Wild Ombre kit. Bit of a bummer. Don't get me wrong, its not a complete hair disaster because I do like the copper / ginger colour it has given me, I just expected more. 

The only difference I did see between the two products is that with the extreme kit, the blend isn't as gradual - I've got quite a distinctive line where one colour starts and the other stops - with the Wild Ombre kit everything was really nicely blended. 

Would I use it again  - Yes - It is a quid cheaper than the Wild Ombre kit, and gives a nice effect, it just wasn't the effect I really wanted. 

I think ill be going to my hair dressers soon to start the lightening process. I really want my blonde hair back!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boots Haulin'

It's that time of year again... Boots 3 for 2! I think all beauty enthusiasts get a little crazy when the sale is on - buying far too much or something you'll never use just because you'll ultimately get a 3rd item free.

Well I think I was extremely good to be honest, I only picked up what I really needed, or had lusted over for a really, really long time. This is what I picked up!

Garnier Micellar Water - £4.99
I was about to run out of my favourite L'Oreal Micellar water, and with this being fairly new, and double the size for the same price, I thought I'd give it a try. It aims to do pretty much the same as all other micellar waters, the only difference I can see is that you get a much bigger bottle!

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover - £3.50
I picked this up because I needed some new eye makeup remover, and while I'm trying out the Garnier Micellar water, I might as well give this one a go too. Its a two part solution, with water underneath and oil on top - much like the No7 one I love. I'll see how this one matches up. 

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder - £6.99 
Now, I'm not a fan of brands shoving 'BB' and 'CC' at the front of every new product they bring out. BB stands for beauty balm right? How can a powder be a balm too? ANYWAY, I was in desperate need of a setting powder, and one that would reduce shine. I haven't read much about this, but to be honest, this was the only powder that grabbed my attention in boots. I'll see how we get on... 

No7 Pop and Glow Cream Blush in Mango Sorbet - £9.95
Ever since I saw this in a magazine a few weeks ago I HAD to have it. I popped into Boots as soon as I was near one, but they didn't stock it. I was gutted, but pay day came and I put this on my list. I picked up the shade Mango Sorbet - A peachy colour which is more on the orange side, which I really love. It's unlike any colour I have in my collection. A full review to come on this! 

Soap and Glory - The Greatest Scrub Of All - £9
If you read my #haveyoudiscovered post on Sunday you'll know that my new skincare thing is facial polish. I was using a tiny bottle from Benefit, and knew I was about to run out. I've heard a lot about Soap and Glory skincare recently, so I thought I'd give their version of facial polish a try. I love it. 

Seventeen Top Coat Nail Effects - £3.99
The blogger made me buy it - this is all down to ETCLLYMLRS. She has made me obsessed with glitter top coats! This one has white, green and blue non-metallic flecks in it. Perfect for the pastel trend atm. 

Revlon Colour Stay Quad in Addictive - £1 Lucky Dip! 
The Boots I visited (Denton, Crown Point) had a lucky dip going on, raising money for Macmillan, so I gave it a go. I was really happy that I pulled this out. A gorgeous, matte neutral pallet. 

I think my overall savings at Boots was about £16! I do think I'll be heading back before the week is through, there's a couple more items on my radar I need to try!
I'm going to be giving all of these a test drive, and as soon as I think I've tried it as much as I can I'll review them for you. After only a couple of days I can already tell which ones are staples and which ones I'm not too bothered about. Watch this space! 

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have you discovered? Skincare

The lovely Becka over at Beckas Beauty blog has started a beauty series that I had to get involved in. As a blogger, I'm always looking for a new product to try and I don't always want to rely on the same brands I always reach for, so the have you discovered series seems perfect for sharing new and unsung beauty heros! 

I'll be posting, along with everyone else involved in the series every Sunday at 7pm. You can follow me on Bloglovin so you never miss a post, or on Twitter (@Emma_J_Hayward) and use the hashtag haveyoudiscovered to find the posts!

Now for my first post of the series... 

Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish. 

This weeks theme is skincare. I've gone for a type of product I've only recently started using which seems abit different to anything else I have in my stash - a facial polish. 

I got this in the B-Right Benefit Skincare Starter kit (Full review to come soon) and I tossed it to one side without really giving it a second thought. It was only when I ran out of my regular face scrub that I reached for this, only to realise that it is quite different from a regular face scrub. 

This facial polish has tiny, tiny little beads in it which very gently exfoliate the face. The overall effects of this were completely different from using your run of the mill face scrub - don't get me wrong, I love a good scrub when my face is feeling congested, but this not only removes dead skin, but brings healthy skin to life. Skin looks brighter, plumper with a natural radiance. 

This gentler version of a scrub has taken prime spot in my Sunday pamper - because it isn't abrasive, and I don't feel I have to shove loads of cream on afterwards. 

Have you tried any facial polishes? 
Which ones would you recommend? 

See you this time next week for another Have you discovered post! 

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Friday, March 14, 2014

March 2014 Birchbox - Lulu Guinness Collab

Since last months box redeemed Birchbox's reputation for me, this months box was highly anticipated - especially with the collaboration with Lulu Guinness

As always, I was constantly heading to the Birchbox website trying to get a sneak peek at the spoilers as soon as I could, and when I eventually saw the contents of this months box, I was delighted! In the spoilers, it shows you a list of ALL of the products that month - it doesn't necessarily mean you will get everything you see. I was hoping to get the Benefit Stay don't stray and Cellu-Cup. When I've set my heart on box items in the past, I've never gotten what I wanted, so I had prepared myself to be disappointed, but luckily enough, both items landed on my lap in this months box! 

The products I got were

Benefit Stay Don't Stray - £20.50 Full Size - Sample Value - £5.12
Dr Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner - Full Size  - Sample Value - £9.75
Aroma Works Nurture Oil - Full Size(10ML) £11  - (Guesstimate) Sample Value- £5.50
Cellu Cup - (Full Size) - Value £15
English Laundry No7 for Her - Full Size £47 - Sample Value £1.88
Lifestyle Extra - Candy Rock

Overall Box Value - A whopping £37.25

I'm happy with pretty much every item from this box. The Benefit Stay don't Stray is a definite welcome edition for my collection - I don't have a go to eyeshadow primer at the moment & you can use this to stop under eye concealer from moving too! Bonus!

The Dr Brandt Pore Refiner aims to reduce pores and absorb excess oil  - something I'm struggling with at the moment, so this is definitely going to get used! 

Perfume samples normally really annoy me, but this one smells soo amazing that I will forgive them.  It's a perfect scent for this time of year! 

The aroma works body oil is probably the item I'm the least excited about. I'll probably use it, but I think it is too small for me to form a real opinion on it. Smells good though.

The Cellu-Cup is the show stopper for me. This have a value for £16 - that alone is a winner! I love messing and trying new things, and this is another gadget for me to play with. I'm not sure about the science behind it, but the 'pinch and roll' massage technique is known for fighting cellulite. I'll read the instructions, give it a whirl and report back! 

I also got a 'Lifestyle Extra' - a candy rock. 

You are also offered £10 off a £100 spend on Lulu Guinness stuff, as well as a makeover at a Benefit counter. 

All in all, my favorite EVER box. That's including my old Glossybox subscription! 

See you next month, Birchbox. I can't wait!

Birchbox Subscription is just £12.95 per month!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beauty Hacks

This post is well and truly inspired by the amazing Lily Melrose who the other day posted a 'beauty hack' which is so genius, simple and obvious that will make my life so much easier - applying a face mask using a flat foundation brush. How simple is that?

It got me thinking, what other beauty hacks are out there? What ones do I already use? What ones work?

I scoured the internet, wracked my brain and have pulled together a list of weird and wonderfully useful hacks for you (& I) to try!

Quick Dry Nail Polish

After Painting your nails, dunk your hands into really cold water for 60 seconds. I do this every now and again and it does dramatically reduce drying time. Sometimes I just cant be bothered standing with my hands in the sink like a weirdo...

Use Moisturiser To Remove Eye Makeup

My mum told me to do this years ago when I was having a moan. I don't recommend you do this all the time - but if you are stuck and have no eye makeup remover to hand, this really does the trick!

Use Lipstick As A Cream Blush

Using lipstick as a blush is something I do on a regular occasion. A couple of dots to the cheek and a quick blend gives a lovely flush of colour which lasts. Perfect alternative to carrying round a blusher and brush!

Revitalise Gloopy Nail Polish

Using nail polish remover. Everyone's done this, right?

Set Makeup With Hairspray

I know this is probably a really bad habit, but before a night out, I'll spray my face with hairspray to keep my makeup in place.

Fuller Lashes With Baby Powder

Hmmmm. You're supposed to put on your first later of mascara, then with a q-tip add some baby powder. You then go back in with a second layer, and BAM, super volume. I can see how this would work. Not sure if I'll be trying it myself...

Perfect Winged Liner...Using a Spoon?!

This is just down right bizarre. Okay - Step 1 - Place the spoon over your eye and line the natural curve or your eye with the curve of the spoon. Draw a line from the outside corner of your eye tracing the curve of the spoon. Then using the straight handle of the spoon, line this with your eyelash line and join to the curve - then fill in. I'm deffo going to try this, even if I look like a complete nutter doing it!

Get The Last Drops Out Of Foundation & Lip Gloss

Fill a container with hot water - a cup will do. Place your foundation or lipgloss in it for 5 minutes to let the hot water melt the product a little. It will loosen from the sides and head to the bottom of the container - giving you a few more uses!

Use Banana Peel To Whiten Teeth

I'm not going to be trying this - I HATE bananas. But the idea is that you rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for about 5 minutes then brush your teeth. I don't know how it works, but it appears a lot of people have seen results!

They're you have it. Just a few beauty hacks for you to try. Do you use any hacks? I'd love to hear!
Comment or tweet me (@Emma_J_Hayward) your hacks and I'll give them a go!!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog your heart out TAG


The lovely Kristen over at has tagged me in the 'Blog Your Heart Out TAG'

I'm super excited to do this, I've never done a tag like this before! 

The 5 questions answered:

1. Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?
I've been an avid reader of Beauty Blogs for ages and with my collection always growing, my love for trying out new things, then telling my friends all about it, I thought I might as well start a blog so more people can read what I think. I think the first ever blow I regularly followed (before I discovered Bloglovin') was Milk Bubble Tea. Her blog is sooo pretty and I love reading it!

2. How did you choose what topics to blog about?
I generally talk about what I like, what I'm using or what Id like to know about. Being someone who turns to blogs on a regular basis for ideas for purchases etc I just write the sort of thing that I'd like to read. I take inspiration from other blogs I read, but try to come up with my own ideas too.

3. What is something most people don’t know about you?
I really didn't know how to answer this, so I asked my workmate what i should put. She said 'That you're actually nice under your tough exterior' or that 'I'm a secret JLS fan'. Neither of which are true. I'm obviously a lovely person all of the time, and I've never really liked JLS. Although, I do have a bit of a weird crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.... 

4. What three words describe your style?
 Couldn't care less.  I don't really care about what other people think about me. I dress to make me feel good, not to get peoples attention. I woke up like this...FLAWLESS.

5. What do you love to do when you are not blogging?
 I'm trying my best to loose a bit of timber, and I know this will sound strange to many of you, but I really enjoy going to the gym! It makes me feel good to know I'm getting fitter (I just need to stop counteracting it with chocolate!) I'm out with my friends a lot, I LOVE food, and pretty much addicted to Netflix. 

Bloggers I tag:
Sarah at  SarahSmiles

And the WINNER IS!

Congratulations girly! 

I've got quite a few mascaras on the go at the moment, but next time I need one, I'll pick this up! 

Funnily enough, me and Aleashia go wayyyy back - about 5/6 ish years ago we worked together at Blockbuster! How times fly! I haven't seen her since then! I think I best get my act together and hand deliver this, don't you? 

You can follow Aleashia on twitter - @akcherrybomb

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! 

I'll be doing another, LARGER one when I reach my next milestone of 100 Bloglovin followers!

Congratulations again Aleashia! 

Lots of love! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

No Sleep? No Problem...

I’ve been really struggling with sleeping recently. The stress of working life, family life and social life can leave us feeling absolutely shattered. There’s just never enough hours in the day is there? 

Lack of sleep has really affected my skin – I already have quite puffy eyes on the best of days, but with the mix of stress and no sleep, they are getting darker and bigger by the day. The overall condition of my skin is taking a hit too; it’s dull, dry and zombie-like. 

My go-to Revlon Nearly Naked was just adding to the problem – I’ve loved this foundation for such a long time but it’s turned on me! It’s become really drying and settles into my fine lines – massively exaggerating them. I’m trying my best to use stuff up before buying new, but I couldn’t stand how this made my face look for much longer, so I headed to the shops.

I’d heard good things about the new Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream, so was looking to pick this up. Unfortunately, the Boots I visited was tiny and didn’t stock this, so I opted for the foundation version of the formula as I thought they are bound to be pretty similar. 

From the first use, I was blown away! The Bourjois 123 Perfect aims to give “a flawless even complexion for 16 hours” with 3 colour correcting pigments to tackle specific complexion issues. Yellow pigments improve the appearance of dark circles, mauve pigments tackle dullness and green pigments counteract redness – literally tackling all of the issues I’m having at the moment. 

This is a perfect colour match for me, which to be honest I find unusual for Bourjois – this is the first time I’ve found one of their foundations to have a shade light enough for me. Application is so easy; it blends like a dream and settles to a glowing, almost dewy finish. I definitely feel like my skin is more illuminated with this, and is doesn’t have any shimmer in it like other ‘illuminating’ foundations. 

This paired with the Seventeen Phroarr Paint creates an illusion of a full night’s sleep. Seventeen is a nostalgic brand for me. I use to wear loads of their makeup when I was younger, but it’s not a brand I’ve reached for in recent years. When they brought out a Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer that everyone was raving about, I knew I had to try it. 

This stuff is thick, but that’s a good thing for my bags at the moment. This is designed for baaad bags, and it really does work. You have to heat it up a little first to get it smooth enough, but once you do, it glides on like a dream. It brightens slightly too, which is good, but mainly covers the nasty blue tones I’ve got going on at the moment. I do have to set it to avoid creasing, but this is part of my normal routine anyway to be honest. 

So there you have it. A perfect duo for a full night’s sleep face. 

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