Saturday, February 1, 2014

They're real, honest...

I did a mini review on this on what I think was my first post - what's in my bag. But since then my opinion has completely changed. 

I got my first tube of this in my advent calender in 2012, a mini, and I wasn't blown away by the results. It was ok, but at the time I was in love with my L'Oreal Voluminous, that nothing could compare.  I didn't really see what all the fuss was about, until I got this full size version for Christmas! 

I got alot of benefit products for Christmas, and have got some since so you might be seeing a lot of benefit on the blog in the next few weeks! 

I don't know why having a full size of this Magee a difference, but seriously, this product is amazing! My lashes are super long and full with virtually no clumping or smudging, no flaking during the day and is definitely waterproof. (Watching Corrie recently has been enough to test it's waterproof claims :,( ) 

Sorry for the creepy death stare... But you can see the massive difference it makes to my lashes! They are super full and long, but still look completely natural.  They really do add a hint of glamour to an entire look, and I don't have a good relationship with eyelash glue, so I'm so glad I've re-tried and fell in love with this mascara! 

I think the main difference between the mini and full size is the brush - that's maybe who I didn't love the mini the first time around. The brush is plastic, with a sphere shape at the end for you to really get into the corners of your eyes, separate lashes and grab on to the tiniest of lashes with precision.

I seriously don't think I'll try another mascara again - but it does come at a price of £19.50! 

Have you tried this mascara? 

Did you have the same problem with the mini? I've recently got another mini in a kit so I'll give it another try! 


  1. I've actually never tried their mascara! I love Benefit though! My fave mascara of all time is the YSL one. It smells nice and it makes your eyelashes look gorgeous!

    1. You should, keep an eye out for it as a freebie in magazines and stuff, cause i know its been in glamour or company before! I might try that after i use this up! x


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