Monday, February 17, 2014

Origins overnight face mask!

This is another 'I don't have the money to buy this so ask for it for Christmas' Christmas present, and I'm very happy my mum got the hint. 

Origins is a brand I have never tried before and their skincare ranges are highly raved about on the blogosphere so I had to see how they would work for me. 

I got this in a gift set with a few other bits which are also good, but this really stood out in a league of its own. I haven't used a product like it - a 'leave on' face mask. 

Many face masks claim to give a moisture boost, but after a 10 minute soak, you wash the product off for immediate results, but for me, I'm not sure that the feeling lasts for more than a day. 

With this, it's totally different. You put an even later on your face before bed. It sits on your face a lot thicker than a face cream and doesn't absorb fast at all which is why I think they've gone for calling it an overnight face mask, because most people would find it strange for a night cream to not sink in. 

When you wake, your face feels noticeably supple and soft, plumped and moisturised, and a better than average base to work with. 

I really put this to the test last week when some over enthusiastic 'tash waxing left some dry , flakey patches of skin. I'm talking snake like. I used this for 2 consecutive nights, and what would normally take over a week to clear up was gone in 2 days with this! 

This is an absolute dream, especially during the winter months to keep the dry patches at bay! Deffo a winter essential for me from now on! 

Have you tried anything like this?

What's your favourite face mask? 

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  1. I love this too, its perfect for winter & keeps my skin hydrated. It smells amazing too

  2. Vicki - I know! All the stuff Ive gotten from Origins has the same smell - its soo lovely, really luxurious feeling!


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