Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ELF Matte Top Coat

ELF Matte Top Coat - £2.50

I've had this for a long time now, and with my needs for matte nail polish having been covered with the Barry M Matte Nail polishes released last year, I didn't reach for this much. 

BUT, I got a load of the new spring shades Avon have released, and in the brochure it showed these colours with a top coat which looked really nice, buy I didn't but Avon's version because I knew I had this. 

I've used this over my new polish - Scenic Grey - and I was really disappointed in the results. Although it has reduced the gloss finish of the polish, there is still definitely some shine. I originally tried this and loved it, but compared to the Barry M polishes, I'm not even sure you could claim this to be a matte top coat, because it just doesn't come close. 

Have you tried any matte top coats? 

Which would you recommend? 

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