Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brand look : Models Own

Unintentionally, Models Own seems to be  taking over my nail polish stash. Being reasonably priced, and with a massive range of colours and collections, they really do have something for everyone. 

I've really gotten into glitter top coats, and models own has an amazing offering! I bought Hot Stuff as I thought it paired perfectly with Strawberry Tart and it really does! 

Strawberry Tart and Apple Pie are two beautiful pastel colours from their scented collection and all of the other colours in the collection are just as gorgeous, but these two were my favourites.  I bought these purely for the colours, not really taking into account the fact that theses polished were scented at all, I thought it was abit if a gimmic. 

To my surprise, they smell amazing! It makes a lovely change from filling my bedroom with the awful chemically smell that comes with normal nail polish. I was surprised at how long the scent stuck around for too, but I wouldn't advise walking around sniffing your finger nails, because people will think you're weird (I know this from experience). 

There are so many more colours and glitters I want to get from Models Own, a number being from the upcoming autumn collection. I'm not a massive fan of the Artstix though, the formula just didn't work for me. You can see my review of these here. 

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