Friday, February 7, 2014

A beginners guide to the chillax...

I gave a friend a pretty lengthy lecture a while ago about how to relax and how important it is for yourself and the people around you. I think I need to take myself up on my own advice a little more often, as the last few weeks have been fairly stressful for me, and when I'm stressed or highly strung I can get extremely crabby, moody and quiet, often taking out on my nearest and dearest, or even worse in my case, not making an effort and ignoring them. 

Having a chillax once a week is really important to unwind and improve my mood for the rest of the time. Chilling out really isn't easy, its something you have to get into you head and dedicate some time for, otherwise, a genuine rest will never happen. Ive always been a planner and a worrier, I feel like I have so much to do but so little time to do it, and I often feel quite hard done by that I never get time to do what I want.

I try to make sure I set some time aside for me, (usually on a Sunday) to relax, clear my mind and take abit of 'me' time.

My top tips for the ultimate chillax:

1. Make sure your room is tidy
I really do live by the idea of 'Organised space = Organised Mind'. You'll be much more ready to relax knowing you've not got any tidying to do and will feel much more organised with life and have clearer thoughts after your chill. 

2. Turn off any distractions
Ignore your phone, laptop, Facebook, Twitter, and TV for an hour or so to collect your thoughts. I often do some knitting or read a book just to relax, just to concentrate on one thing at a time - our minds are always too bogged down with multi-tasking that its nice to give it a break once in a while. You know how your phone will run slow if it's got loads of apps open at the same time? Your mind will too. 

3. Light a candle
There's nothing more relaxing than a lovely smell and a flickering light. I'm lucky enough to have gotten a large Yankee Candle for Christmas. I burn it each night for an hour or so to get me off to sleep. They are expensive, but so worth it. They sell the smaller, tester candles in Asda for £1.

4. Have a good pamper session
I love to have a pamper session at least once a week with a hair mask, face mask, foot mask, the lot! Even if you don't have time for an at home spa day, giving yourself a nice manicure once a week will definitely improve your overall well being.

5. Meditate
I bet there were more than a few eyebrows raised when reading that, but this really did help me through a time of struggle! No 'umming' and 'ahhing' needed, I used an App called Headspace which is so ridiculously good. I was skeptical at first, but 10 minutes of meditation a day really did help to clear my mind and let all my anxiety and worry drift away!

So there you have it, 5 simple tips to bring abit of peace and quiet to you life. 

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