Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The £1 Mani

A fairly quick review for you tonight - I've been busy with life these past few days so I've not had time to get any decent photos taken etc. I'll be back into a routine properly soon! 

To be fair, this is the perfect product to describe what I need grim life at the moment - quick and easy fixes that last! 

I've been running round quite hectic for a week or so, so everything else has been put on the back burner, including my nails! 

I aimed to give my nails a mani at least once a week, but I've really not had time to keep ontop of them, and they often look quite shabby by the end of the week. On a whim, I picked up a couple of packets of false nails from Primark for £1, not expecting much from them, but I have to say I'm blown away! 

Although these were the only two designs I could find, I think these nails are amazing and I wish I'd picked up more! I'll be popping back in soon to hopefully find some other designs!

These nails are simple, stick on nails. They don't have any outrageous claims like a lot of other stick on nails, and are so cheap, that I really didn't expect them to be anything more than a 1 day wear. 

I've had these nails on for 4 days now, and have no signs of anything falling off or coming loose! I've had plenty of showers and washed plenty of pots in that time too!

I've never really been a fan of false nails, as I find they give me a weird sensation when I have them on, causing me to type on my phone or keyboard strangely, but I don't have that problem with these. 

They we're really easy to apply with the glue that is provided, and I filed them down to a length that I think suited me, although the length they come in is pretty  reasonable too! They haven't irritated me, or scratched my skin like I've found others do. 

I'm well and truly in love! For £1 you really can't go wrong!

Have you tried any other stick on nail brands? Which would you recommend? 

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