Saturday, January 18, 2014

First empties post...

One of my resolutions for this year was to use up as many products as possible before buying new. I’m going to start doing empty posts to encourage me to stick to this resolution as well as giving quick reviews and weather I would purchase them again or not.

So here goes…

Full review here.  I love this stuff, each bottle probably lasts me 1 month and I always repurchase this because it is one of my essentials and I don’t have an alternative in my collection. I normally pick it up on offer at the supermarket for around £4.

This oil was the first hair oil I used – it made my hair look really healthy and smooth, reduced the appearance of my split ends and smelt gorgeous. I have other products like this in my collection, but if I didn’t, I would definitely repurchase and recommend it!

I’m not too sure why I picked this up – I needed a really moisturising lotion for my body during the winter months and I decided from the packaging that it could do the job. Which it did. Its really thick, and took some time to soak in, but it worked. The only downsides are that if you are a moisturise and go kinda gal this will take too long for you – and it doesn’t smell of anything. People struggling with allergies to fragrances might find this a good product, but I like abit of a scent to my body lotion and with this there wasn’t any fragrance at all. For this reason, I wouldn’t repurchase.

This did the job it needed to do – no stinging after shaves, kept my armpits dry but skin smooth and moisturised and had a pleasant enough smell. I’m not really loyal to deodorants. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t repurchase this – it just depends what’s on offer!

Full review here. This is a staple product for me. A serum type lotion which improves the overall appearance of the skin, reduced redness and goes to town on tackling breakouts. I will be repurchasing this, I’ve never tried a spot treatment that’s better!

So that’s my first empties post – do you want to see more of these? 

It will help me to keep on using products until they run out!

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