Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beauty resolutions 2014

It’s that time of year where people make (and break) New Year’s Resolutions. For the majority of my life, I’ve been a breaker, but from last year’s resolution I’ve managed to lose 2 stone, had a more positive outlook on life and had some more ‘me’ time. While I still stand by the generic ‘Loose weight, save money’ resolutions, I’m looking to improve my beauty routines clear up my skin and use every last drop of my products.

Cleanse (properly) every night – this may sound like a given, but I’m not the only one who falls into bed and can’t be bothered taking my makeup off, or reaching for the makeup wipes for a quick fix. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin from switching from makeup wipes to micellar water, but know that that really isn’t enough. I’ve recently realised why everyone loves balm cleansers, and pledge to double cleanse with micellar and balm cleanser every night.

Clean my makeup brushes at least once a week – I used to be really organised with this, giving my brushes a through clean ever Sunday while I was giving myself a pamper, but I’ve recently gotten lazy. My brushes have gone grubby and it definitely shows on my skin. It looks congested, patchy and not as flawless as it should because of all the ‘old’ makeup and dead skin cells I’m dragging all over my face. Regular washes will hopefully help improve my application.

Moisturise after the shower – another lazy girl trait or not giving my skin the attention it deserves. I’ve recently opted for some dry oil body spray from Avon and I’m impressed with the results so far, but I vow to give myself a richer moisture boost at least once a week!

Give myself a weekly mani and pedi – just because I feel so much better with neat and tidy nails – who doesn’t?

Use all of my makeup products – I have a serious problem when it comes to hoarding beauty products – I seriously have about 50 different hair products and only use 2 – 3 a week! I am only going to buy ‘essentials’ when I run out, and I’m going to try my hardest to use up all my makeup , body, face and hair products before  I buy new ones! This will be hard!
What are your resolutions for this year?


  1. Love them! Balm cleanser??? Tell me more.i take makeup off with baby wipes every eve and moisturise, find baby wipes cheaper and remove waterproof makeup! Micellar water is great not bought full size since birchbox sample. I always moisturise after the shower good pamper time. Clean brushes??? Really works??? Never done this.going to try later see if I notice a diff x

  2. Honest to god it soo much better when you clean your brushes - mine are currently all lined up on my radiator drying lol! And i've got a post scheduled for the balm cleanser i've been using this week so keep your eyes peeled! haha. You not with birchbox anymore? I'm considering stopping it now, getting abit bored with their selection! xx

  3. I only have a 6 month subscription - Not impressed with Decembers! I do like the idea so going to look for another one when this ends. paid upfront with that groupon deal x

  4. I'm going to see how the January box goes to be honest. Might be time for me to cancel. x


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