Thursday, January 30, 2014

Balance Me : Radiance Face Oil

Face oils have always made me raise my eyebrows, because surely putting oil on your face is asking for a breakout?  Well, apparently not. 

I got this particular face oil in a beauty box, and I absolutely love it! 

It's a multi purpose oil, and comes in really convenient roller ball tube, meaning no spills, no over use, just easy application. 

I tend to use this as a once a week treatment, as I have combi skin, edging more to the oily side at the moment, I'll slap this OK my dry patches around my nose / fod to try and give some extra hydration, and it really does a great job. Sinks in lovely, and hydrates the skin without leaving behind oil or encouraging the skin to create any, leaving my skin lovely and soft! My face does have abit of a shine though while it's sinking in, which is why I use it as a last thing at night treatment rather than putting it on before my makeup! 

Because it's multi purpose, you can also use it on your body, I'll run it over dry patches like knees and elbows before bed. 

If you struggle with dry patches, I'd recommend investing in a face oil, the smell is so relaxing and it feels so much more luxurious than moisturizer. 

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