Friday, January 24, 2014

A lip balm sent from heaven...

This was a brand I'd never really heard of, it was only when I was watching one of Michelle Phans youtube tutorials and she used the cutest lip balm I'd ever seen and I JUST HAD TO HAVE ONE. It really is quite sad how excited I get over a lip balm...

My lips don't get as much investment as the rest of my body - I have plenty of lip balms that are half used that I often have to throw out because they are like really old. Because of this, I often have dry, cracked lips and never really get  a chance to wear lipsticks. 

Packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin and shea butter, these lip balms are so ridiculously nourishing its unreal. Ive never tried anything that even comes close to these - the only reason I didn't repurchase these when i first had one last year was the price - £6 for a lip balm seemed alot when you can get a Nivea one for 99p. 

So (*insert sad face here*) my lips have been without this nourishment since last year - until my boyfriends grandad kindly got me an Amazon voucher for Christmas!! It was a pretty easy decision to treat myself to this!! 

I think I got this set for around £22 - around £4.50 each, overall I think that's a reasonable price, and they will last sooo long. 

The flavours i got were strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, sweet mint and passion fruit, with summer fruits being my favourite out of the lot. 

The thing I love about these is the shape - it is perfect for getting a smooth coverage over the lips, even in the corners, as well as making it hygienic. There's no need for anything other than your lips to touch the product - no sticking your fingers in a little tub (urghh!) and the screw on lid means it wont come off in your handbag - I've had to throw away lip balms after the lid has fallen off them and collected aload of handbag dust!! 

Have you ever used EOS products before? 

They aren't particularly easy to get here in the UK - check Amazon or eBay for the best deals.

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