Thursday, January 16, 2014

A holy grail for spot fighting!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo 
I'm unsure as to why I haven't blogged about this earlier - I use this product almost every day and absolutely adore it - I obviously take it for granted. 

Ive been using this for maybe 1 year now and I can honestly say within a couple of days I saw a massive difference in my skin.

La Roche Posay is a french brand - I'd love to go to France and pick up loads of french skincare. It claims to be an anti-imperfection care lotion, which corrects and un-cloggs skin.

I've got quite a patchy, uneven skin tone with the odd red nasty spot. Using this product almost everyday at nighttime has seen my redness reduced, a reduction in the number of blackheads I have and when I do have a breakout, it helps to keep things from getting too out of control and nasty. It definitely doesn't completely stop me from getting the odd zit, but they're much less frequent nowadays! 

It has been an absolute godsend for me since Christmas, with all the bad food and drink and lack of any proper sleep. My skin was crying out for help - and this was exactly what it needed! 

This is probably the most expensive skincare item I've ever bought myself on a regular basis - £13 for 40mls. But you only need a tiny bit to do the job - this probably lasts me 3 months. 

What spot stoppers do you use? I'm considering getting the Origins Spot Remover Treatment Gel when this runs out - I've recently started using some of their products and I'm really enjoying them!

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