Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Favourite Bloggers!

The reason I got into blogging in the first place is because I have always been a great lover of beauty and trying out new products, but, like most people nowadays, I'm also addicted to the internet and I'm always looking for a good deal! Beauty blogs are one of the best ways to get genuine product reviews, hints of where to buy at the best prices, and often what products really arn't worth the money. I found myself visiting the same blogs over and over again, finding bloggers who were using the products I use or wanted to use and even when I wasn't looking for product reviews, I'd head over just to see if they had updated. An obsession was born! 

To keep track of all of the blogs I follow ( there are hundreds!) I started using  app on my phone called Bloglovin' (I recommend you get it and follow me, then you will never miss out on my updates!). All new blog posts are put in an easy format for you to filter through, and I catch up with my favorites everyday!

These are some of my favorite blogs ever!

Lily Melrose is an English Beauty / Fashion blogger - she has 2 separate blogs for each category, Her blog is by far my favorite - I love her style and fashion sense & have bought products on her recommendation that are now some of my holy grail products. If you are just getting into following blogs, hers is a brilliant one to start on!

This girl is absolutely stunning! She is a beauty / fashion / lifestyle blogger from Glasgow and posts some of the most amazing beauty looks - i wish i could blend the way she does. I follow her on instagram too, and she posts fitness inspo with her amazing clean food! 

The name says it all really - frank and honest reviews on best value products - if its worth the money she will tell you. She is always on the look out for the best deals so for me this is a great blog to check into! 

This was one of the first blogs I started following - mainly a fashion / lifestyle / home design blog. The pictures she shares of her home are amazing - too cute shabby chic! Exacty how I want my dream bedroom to look. She also reccomends beauty product, does great OOTD posts and some cheeky calorific recepies!

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