Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas, New Year Plans & Twistband : Mini Review

I'm back after a lovely few days chilling and eating with my family. 

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas! I have been extremely spoilt by all my friends and family and I am extremely greatful - I've got lots to blog about! Stuff i wouldnt normally buy myself, so watch this space!

I have alot of plans for my blog in the new year - I love doing it and I would like to make it more of a priority - a New Years Resolution I think, to make sure I blog at least once a week. Any ideas of suggestions from you would be great! 

Also, I reached 1000 views!! Thank you guys so much for coming to my blog and reading the crap I type.  It really means alot. 

Anyway, on with the review.

I got this product in the December Birchbox - (I promise I'll post about it soon!) This was probably the only product out of the box that i was excited in using. Quite sad really, how excited i got over a bobble. Anyway, Twistband was created by a woman who found that normal bobbles hurt her head and her wrist which I can get too. She decided to use a soft piece of elastic and that's where the idea came from. 

The Twistband is supposed to secure your hair with minimum kinkage, drag and breakage to your hair, which isn't exactly the easiest thing to measure. To try out these claims, I wore this overnight, and when normally I would wake up with a kink in my hair with a conventional bobble, the kink from the Twistband was near enough non existent. There was a very slight kink, however, I didn't have to straighten my hair to disguise it.

The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the price. £10 for 6 of these seems quite ridiculous, when you can buy 50 bobbles from Primark from £2. If you really are dedicated to keeping your hair in tip top condition and want to do as little as possible to damage your hair, it might be a worthy investment. I think I'll stick with the 1 for now.

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