Sunday, December 1, 2013

Autumn / Winter Nails : Matte by Barry M

Recently I have been very impressed with Barry M's nail polish offerings, with this years release of the Hi Shine Gelly Nail polishes. These were absolutely amazing and were on my nails throughout most of the summer, but now we are well and truly nose diving into the winter months, Barry M's newest edition to the nail polish family will be gracing my nails : their matte collection. 

Their collection comes in a range of 5 shades, Blacks, beige's, browns and reds. I opted for the Black and Red shade in the collection and was not disappointed!

These apply to the nails with extreme ease, and after about 2 coats you have an evenly covered smooth nail, which drys fairly quickly. You can see during the drying process the paint changing from shiny to matte, and the final effect really is amazing. I love the matte nail trend - I know its a love or hate situation for alot of people, but I would recommend this range just to try it out. The colour's are gorgeous, and for £3.99, you really cant go wrong!

If like me, you always have your hands in the sink doing the washing up, the matte effect can rub off after a couple of days, bringing out a slight shine on the underneath polish, but to be fair, this is about the normal amount of wear I get from a nail polish before chipping, so i was very pleased! 

Are there any other nail polish ranges you would recommend? I don't like anything too gritty like the recent 'concrete' effect polishes that have been out, so I wouldn't try anything like that!

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