Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review // V05 Give Me Moisture Hot Oil

I bought this after seeing a raving review from my favourite beauty blogger ETCLLYMLRS who swears by its 
Quick nourishing powers and it does wonders for her hair. 

I didn't. I remember using one of these a looong time ago while I was blonde, and colouring seemed to be really damaging my hair and even then I didn't see any results. 

V05 claim that this product transforms dull, damaged or dry hair into repaired, moisturised and shines hair, but for me this really didn't work. 

I'd advises that you use this once a week on your hair for a 1 minute intense treatment in the shower. I tried mine a couple of ways, before shampooing and conditioning and after, but I hated the results either way. My hair felt slightly matted (eeek!) which was a massive shock considering my hair is normally super soft and in reasonably good condition, with the ends being the worst effected. 

I love the feeling if my Gaye after I've washed out my conditioner - smooth & tangle free. This seemed to create tangles, and I never get tangles. 

Brushing my hair after this was an absolute nightmare, as these tangles just wouldn't budge. 

I'm not too sure why this didn't work for me. Maybe there is a better way to use this? Being honest, I don't have the time or patience to try and get this to work. 

What ore-shampoo treatments would you recommend? 

I'm really considering going back to blonde - if my hair can cope!! 

(I bought this from morrisons for about £3.50 in a 4 pack) 

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