Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's talk about cleansing...

Up until the last year or so, I always took my makeup off with makeup/baby wipes, shoved some moisturiser on and got in bed (& then complained about how bad my skin was to anyone who would listen!) 

I didn't know I was doing anything wrong, until I read a few stories on the long term effects on your skin, which causes breakouts, redness and generally bad looking skin. 

All the bloggers I followed were raving about miceller water & how good it was at removing makeup and improving the appearance of your skin. I didn't believe a word - washing my face with just water never got rid of my makeup, let alone my mascara, so how was a fancy bottle of water going to do any better? 

My skin didn't improve, no matter what treatments or scrubs I used, so I tried the La Roche Posay Miceller water which blew me away. One squeeze onto a cotton pad (which took a while to get used to, I'm soo lazy, but the effort paid off!) took a full face of makeup off, with another squeeze completely removing my mascara, even waterproof mascara! At around £10, I though this was quite expensive, considering it lasted 2-4 weeks. 

I saw L'Oreal had released a water on offset at £2, so I thought I'd give it a try. L'Oreals Miceller solution is part of their skin perfection range which claims to dissolve makeup, unclog pores and tone and smooth the skin and it has definitely lived up to all of these claims!
I couldn't believe how quickly this cut through my makeup, leaving my face squeaky clean! And with its current £5ish price rag, half if the La Riche Possy solution, I would definitely recommend the L'Oreal Miceller Solution! 

For research purposes (not because I was lazy) for a couple of days last week, I decided to see how bad NOT taking my makeup off was on my skin. We are all guilty of this, I know I used to do this all the time when I was younger, but put breakouts down to hormones. After 2 (not consecutive) nights of leaving my makeup on, I've got a stonker of a spot, a lovely group of blocked pores and an oil slick on my chin! I really didn't think it would impact so badly! Now I'm doing my best to reverse the damage! Any suggestions for clearing out my pores are welcome!! 

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