Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You have to go and buy this...

A-ma-zing. It's not often I get so excited over lip products, but this lip cream from Collection 2000 is absolutely amazing and everyone should have one of these in their makeup bag! 

First things first, it tastes like buttercream!  I literally have to stop myself from licking it off whenever I wear it, it tastes and smells soooo good. I hate it when lip products taste like crap, so this is a real bonus. 

When I first tried this product, I really didn't know what to expect. The formula is really creamy, unlike anything I've ever tried out of a tube like this and it glides on like an absolute dream! I've noticed you can also build the colour to give a more dramatic look, but pretty much after one sweep, your lips are covered with a really nice flush of colour. My lips are pretty much always in bad condition, with dry patches but this completely hid any imperfections. 

About 30 seconds after application, you can feel the formula start to dry slightly to produce the matte effect on your lips and even then no exaggeration of dry patches was seen. I love the matte look, but I've found that it really doesn't suit me, but in this particular shade, I find it does. 

I consciously recorded the staying power of this when out for drinks with friends, and it looked like it did on first application after 3 hours. I imagine that it would easily last longer, but I took it off to go to bed! After taking it off, although the product had dried on my lips, they felt nice and moisturised! 

I seriously cannot rave about this product enough! And the best part about it? It's only £2.99!! I have the shade Cotton Candy and they have 3 more shades to choose from. I picked this up from my local Morrisons! 

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