Saturday, August 17, 2013

VO5 Give Me Texture Soft Hair Saviour!!

Moaning about having soft hair might sound ridiculous to some, but for me, soft hair really isn't all it's cracked up to be. Styling is an absolute nightmare! Anything other than a simple straight style falls flat within hours, even with half a can of hairspray for support. Hair extensions slide right out and back combing is a complete waste of time! I should be so lucky to get any sort of volume in my hair. 

That was of course until I discovered this.  I have tried a number of volumising products, like the Osis Dust it Powder and the Bed Head Sugar Dust but both of these make you feel like you have coated your roots with glue, are a nightmares to wash out and are just not worth the money. 

VO5 Give Me Texture was definitely an impulse buy as I know that barely any volumising products work in my hair, but I was amazed at the results! For me, this works best on day old hair, but it does work on clean hair too! I spray this directly into my roots to give an instant oomph which stays put for longer, with no nasty smell or powder residue visible. 
If I'm really going for a big hair look, I spray this through my lengths and get plumping! 

The staying power is amazing (for me) too! It can pretty much last a whole day. 
I think I bought it for less than a fiver and it lasts quite a while, so I would definitely reccomend it for the flat haired ladies out there! I'm going to try their Plump it Up dry back combing spray next! 

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