Saturday, August 24, 2013

Totally in love with Elf Conditioning Lip Balm's

E.L.F is one of my all time favourite makeup brands, with high quality products for purse friendly prices and so many of their products cannot be found on the high street done by some other brand. I think because E.L.F is based online and spends a lot of time building relationships with their customers, they know exactly what we want, what we don't and come up with products different to anything else on the market.

I know you can get tinted lip balms on the high street, but I don't think anything I've tried matches the pigmentation or the nourishment of this product.

I have this in 2 colours, Mellow Melon and Romantic Rouge and both colours are absolutely gorgeous. Mellow Melon is probably my favourite as it's not normally a colour I buy when I look for lip products, as pink can make me look too washed out sometimes, but this has a way of really brightening my whole face, giving me a really youthful look. Romantic Rouge is also a gorgeous colour, I and reach for this when I'm looking for more of an evening look. 

The moisturisation of this product is incredible and for someone who has incredibly dry lips, this didn't cling or exaggerate any dry patches, and for £3.38 a definite must have! The pot is MASSIVE too, with loads of product which will last a really long time!

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