Saturday, August 17, 2013

Garnier Moisture Match

I'm forever mixing up my skin are routine, with my combination skin going from flakey and dry to an oil slick in a matter of days. 

When the advertising campaigns for the Garnier Moisture Match moisturisers came out, I have to say I was intrigued. 

I know drug stores have an offering of dry skin / normal skin / combi skin moisturisers, but I feel like Garnier have gone the extra mile with their moisture match range. The range consists of 5 creams, each targeting specific skin types. Protect & Glow (yellow tube) for normal skin, Start a Fresh (blue tube) for normal / dry skin, Goodbye Dry (pink tube) for dry to very dry skin, Wake Me Up (orange tube) for dull skin and Shine be Gibe (green tube) for combination / oily skin. The consistencies range from thick creams to gels and I think the range ticks all the skin type boxes! 
I currently own two of the moisturisers from the range, blue for dry skin and pink for very dry. 

I originally picked up the pick bottle when my skin was going through a flakey patch and my regular moisturiser just wasn't up to the task. At £3.99 I saw no harm in giving it a try! After a few days the dry patches had completely disappeared and my skin was soft to the touch. 

I continued to use this as a daily moisturiser but soon realised that although the cream had done wonders for my dry patches, it was just too thick and hydrating to use on my skin on a daily basis. I then purchased the blue bottle for normal to dry skin and I haven't looked back. The formula is perfect for my skin, it sinks in beautifully and has a super fresh scent, making my skin supple and soft and prepped for makeup. 
I do have quite dull skin, so u am contemplating buying their dull skin offering to see if this helps! Over all, on really impressed.

You can buy this range from pretty much everywhere, I find it is often on offer at most supermarkets! At £3.99, why not?! 

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