Saturday, August 10, 2013

Avon Cellu Sculpt and tips to reduce cellulite

In recent months I'm slowly but surely becoming more body confident and as the pounds slowly fall off, I'm warming to the idea of getting the old pins out. Before I do, I've been attempting to tackle my cellulite. For some strange reason, I've only looked to Avon for targeted body products, having purchased products for firming and stretch marks too! (Reviews to follow) I don't know if it is down to Avon's reputation or just laziness on my part when I'm down at the shops, but I'm glad I tried it. 

The Avon Cellu sculpt cream aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and after using this for a couple of months on my thighs, I have been extremely happy with the results. (No before and after, I'm not that confident yet!!) I wouldn't expect to have no cellulite from just using a cream, but this really has reduced the depth of my thigh dimples and improved the look and feel of my skin. 

I'm not too sure how you would describe the smell of this. It's not chemically as you would expect, but soothing. On application the product is cold, but I think I like it! You can immediately feel the product get to work, feeling your skin tingling and tightening.  This is my second bottle and I will definitely be repurchasing!
Top tips to reduce the appearance of cellulite
1. Drink plenty of water - dehydration can massively exaggerate the appearance of cellulite - drink to keep skin plump. (You will also see improvements in your energy levels and general health too!) 
2. Brush / Massage problem areas - I do this in the shower. It can boost circulation, reduce toxins and help break down fatty deposits that lie beneath the skin. 
3. Exercise -  *sigh* I know this may be obvious, but exercise can massively reduce the appearance of cellulite. (Try squats and lunges to firm up thighs and bum!) 

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