Monday, July 29, 2013

Models Own Artstix Review

I have a slight obsession with nail polish at the moment, and with so many new additions coming to the shops, I feel spoilt for choice. Only thing is, because each and every brand is trying to keep up with their competitors releases, they sometimes get it wrong. Like these. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Models Own. My collection is ever growing, with a huge variety of shades and topcoats, Models Own are definitely up there with my favorite brands, but with these Artstix I was left wanting more. 

The colours are amazing and it's extremely likely that I will be purchasing a full size Jade Stone as I just love it! But that to me was about the only good thing about these products. 

I whipped them out as soon as I got home to experiment with Jade Stone /Snowflakes  and on first application (even after shaking) all I got was a gloppy thick mess. I am really impatient when it comes to nail polish which is exactly why I bought these, as I thought it would be a quick and easy way to get a different look on your nails. It took a lot of work for me to paint my nails with the gloppy paint, making sure all was even with no bubbles and it then took ages to dry! 

I was disappointed to see there was no difference in the top coat on this, with the speckles of glitter barely showing up on the nail, giving a lumpy rather than classy looking effect. 

The same can be said about the Bubblegum / Blizzard duo, although these weren't as gloopy on application. 

As I said, I love the colours and I will be heading to Boots to buy a full size Jade stone! I love Models Own glitter top coats and it frustrates me that I don't like snowflake, but who wants bumpy fingernails?  

These can be bought from Boots for £6

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Battle of the no make-up make-up

As my skin has slowly but surely cleared up with little breakouts, I have been looking for a lighter base to give my skin abit of a breather. Thing is, I do have quite dull skin, with some serious dark circles, so I needed something to even out these areas whilst still being light on the skin. 
I first tried the Garnier BB cream (not pictured as I threw it out - you will see why!) and I got the shade 1 - light for my fairly pale skin. This was one of the first BB creams to hit the UK market and with all the hype about them, I thought I'd give it a try. The consistency was much thicker than any foundation I have ever used and the colour far too orange for my skin which was extremely disappointing as it was the lightest shade. When trialing this product for a few days, trying to make it work, my boss asked me if I were OK a few times, saying I looked unwell. Not exactly the look I was going for. Dewy is something this product says to be, however, on my skin it was more greasy and slid off my face very easily. After a few attempts of trying to make this product work, it has been binned. Very disappointing! I know that they have since brought out a wider BB range, but this first experience has completely put me off. Price £7.49

The second BB cream I tried was the Avon BB cream, which I bought on offer through my local Avon representative. On first application, I was a little self conscious of the sheerness of the application, as the product really did feel thin on the skin, but it really did do exactly what I needed. A light base, evened out skin tone, and (slight) coverage of any problem areas. Although I do have to go in with concealer in the under eye area, it did a good job of reducing dark circles. The consistency is closer to a foundation, with good staying power. I did however have to go with powder in during the day to reduce shine but I have a tough time with makeup staying on my oily skin, so I was very impressed! This also has an SPF of 15. This bottle has lasted me a while, and I may repurchase this when it runs out. Price £6 (on offer). 

Next up, the Revlon 'Nearly Naked' light coverage foundations. I bought this after reading a number of amazing reviews, it sounded like the product I have been searching for! It took me a while to find a store that stocked my shade and when I did I was lucky enough to get it on a 3 for 2 offer! (Got to love a bargain!) This low coverage foundation has really good, light coverage and really sinks into the skin to give a flawless, dewy finish. I'm not a high fan of the dewy look, but this gives a nice glow to my dull skin. The consistency is slightly runny compared to other foundations, but it blends well and gives you a good amount of time to blend, as well as build up the product (I often double up and use a second layer as a concealer). Very happy with this and this is currently my go-to foundation and I don't see anything knocking me off the top spot just yet. I have the shade ivory and this is an SPF 20. Incredibly affordable at £8.99. 

Lastly Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation - I bought this foundation with a gift voucher from friends at work (thanks guys!) and it was the only way I could justify the purchase - £27 on a foundation is the most I've ever spent on any makeup item ever! This product is nearly every way similar to the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in it's application and staying power. The colour is slightly dark for me, but the woman at the Debenhams counter said it was the perfect match...I wasn't going to argue with her. This consistency of the foundation is alot runnier than any of the others, but a little goes a long way. I was happy with the results from this, however, i felt that the Revlon alternative did just as much for my skin as this and for the difference in price, i just couldn't bring myself to purchase this again. My only negative about this product was the size of the packaging compared to the others - you get the same 30ml amount of product, but the bottle was nearly 100% bigger than the others - very wasteful in packaging if you ask me! (And takes up more room in the makeup bag!!)

Overall, I think the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation wins hands down! It's light on the skin with build-ability and leaves a glowing yet natural finish! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My first post & Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows review

Hi guys! Thanks for visiting my very first post on my blog!

This will be a beauty / life style / fashion / any random crap kinda blog, where I post things l like, things I don't and tell you about them. It's up to you if you want to listen or not. If your still with me, thanks for making it this far! 

Now for the review. I have 4 shades in the Maybelline 24h Colour tattoo range, on and on bronze, pink gold, permanent taupe and eternal gold. 

Overall, the quality of these is amazing! Staying power is unbeatable and no creasing to be seen, when worn alone or as a base! After swatching these, I had to give my arm a good scrub to get the colour off! 

In terms of colour, I was really disappointed with permanent taupe. The pigmentation is good, however, the metallic colours seem to have more colour payoff. The colour wasn't what I was expecting from in the pot to on my lid, much darker than I first thought. I wouldn't have purchased this if I had swatched it first, but the testers in Boots had dried up and shrunk in the pot (urgh!) 

The other colours are amazing, with pink gold probably being my favourite! You can build up or blend out the colour according to the look you are going for and after a long works day, it will look like when you first applied it! 

These come in a number of different colours, with much brighter colours in the range, and I think they are about £4.99! I got mine from Boots on a 3 for 2 offer! 
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